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Currently, I am a personal development advisor and I dedicate a large part of my professional activity to working with people who want to invest in their personal growth. I feel fortunate to be able to be the facilitator and witness of the progress and achievements of my clients.

And to get here, I have come a long way. I started my hospitality studies at the SHL (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern) and finished them at the Escola Superior D’Hostaleria de Catalunya. After finishing my training in Hotel Management, I began my professional career working in different sectors and after a few years my brother and I started own business.

When that project came to an end, I was aware that I needed to change course and look for my true vocation. I took a period of time to be sure that, whatever it was, it had to be something that really made me happy.

Little by little and through deep personal work and analyzing my life experience, the idea was taking shape: if I had managed to overcome difficulties and bring about a change in myself, other people could achieve it as well. And that’s how I discovered my vocation: I wanted to help other people live a more conscious, full and happy life!

To make my passion my job it became clear to me that experience and life learning were not enough. So I decided to study Social Work at the University of Deusto in San Sebastián and expanded my training by studying Family Therapy at the EVNTF in Bilbao.

I began my professional career as a personal development advisor and after a few years, Rafael Bisquerra’s book Cuestiones sobre Bienestar (2013) came into my hands. This discovery was instrumental in helping me find the theoretical framework I was looking for, to be able to transform and evolve my way of working.
Since then, this maxim of well-being has become the beacon that guides me:

building our own well-being,

we contribute to the well-being of society.

My other passions: Music and dance have been with me since childhood. I love art. I feel happy visiting museums and I am very aware of their benefit for the development of my well-being and my creativity. I like to get lost in their stores, where I always find a book that becomes part of my library dedicated to museums books. I love traveling and getting to know other places, other people. I embrace diversity. I have always been attracted to the different. And from my first training I keep my love for gastronomy.

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