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The CONECTA guide

It was born from the collaboration with Isabel Fernández in our joint project Sozializa (2016). A project focused on the field of well-being, whose main task has been to advise and accompany people in the construction of their emotional and professional well-being. All this, through its own model and an experiential working process. Two years ago, we decided to bet on product design, writing CONECTA together. A practical guide to increase your well-being.

The Conecta guide is a conceptual and practical tool for people who want to improve their well-being. Given the confusion that exists today around this term and the scarcity of complete practical models, this guide provides a method that guides you in a comprehensive way. It facilitates self-knowledge and personal development to live a more conscious, full and happy life. Each person, at their own pace. And under the maxim: “Without reflection, there is no evolution. Without action, there is no change.”

The illustrator Zuri Uriarte during the creative process.
The illustrator Zuri Uriarte during the creative process.
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