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I offer you timely advice in a specific situation or through a process of deeper change. I offer you the possibility to disconnect from the rest of the world and take care only of yourself.

You will start wearing glasses, special ones, with which you will be able to see things in a different light and you will be able to make visible the causes of your discomfort and that affect different facets of your life.

Through my questions you will find clues that will help you find the answers you are looking for. Reflection is fundamental and is part of the work. You will know what steps to take.

Invest in

emotional skills

Learn how to identify and to manage your emotions

Gain self-confidence and self-esteem

Transform your mood

Improve your relationships (family, friends, partner, etc.)

Improve your emotional well-being

In short, you will acquire tools to develop the necessary skills to be emotionally and socially more competent; to develop your emotional intelligence.

I put at your disposal a supportive environment where it can simply be you and express yourself with total freedom, in an atmosphere of trust, quiet and relaxation, where confidentiality is guaranteed.

My office is located in San Sebastián. If you live in another location or simply prefer to do online sessions (Skype or Facetime), we can start with the counseling process whenever you want.

Personal development sessions within the Dual Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship in Action of the University of Deusto in Bilbao. I advise the person who participates in the master’s degree in the development of emotional skills associated with entrepreneurship, accompanying him/her throughout the process.
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